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Aryans Electronics

An electronic & household items store with a one-stop shopping experience and most affordable prices in Sri Lanka.

Founded in 2020, Aryans Electronics is a Sri Lankan based modern electronic appliances distributor that specializes in selling high-quality, durable devices. We offer a wide variety of products for almost any need. Our shop located in Saranapala Road, Piliyandala, has been in operation since 2020, helping people get the best electronic products they need to get their jobs done. Our state-of-the-art spacious showroom with a modern interior aims to offer our valued customers a novel self-service shopping experience.


Aryans Electronics is dedicated to improving people's lives by offering a wide variety of product lines that you can choose from! Our product range includes electronics, CCTV cameras, cameras, angle grinders, kitchen appliances, chain saw, beauty tools, glassware, jigsaw and more. The specialty of Aryans Electronics is having our own branded range of CCTV camera and power tools. Aryans Electronics offer a one-stop shopping experience with a comprehensive electronic product range. Our product lines are specifically designed to support various needs, and quality is an integral part of our company’s philosophy. Similar to our belief, we want to serve our valued customers with stylish and functional devices at our best and reasonable price. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website or in our stores, reach out to us! We will be happy to help you find the product that works for your budget and specific needs.

We also offer various services to make your life easier with quick turnaround times. Not only do we provide top-of-the-line products and services at Aryans Electronics, but we have friendly staff members who will go above and beyond to please our customers.

Not only do we offer great products, but our customer service is exceptional. We want you to feel confident that your purchase from us will be a positive experience. Our staff members are always available to answer questions and help you find the product that best suits your needs. In addition, if you are not happy with one of our products, we will walk you through the return process and help you get your money back or an exchange. We aim to establish strong business relationships based on customer  satisfaction.

What makes us different from other electronic stores?

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find our product unsatisfactory and does not fit your purpose, we provide a full refund or exchange options.
  • We have low overheads. Our buying staff have been trained to accurately assess the value of products and recommend the best value to the customer.  There is no compromise on price.
  • Aryans Electronics are your expert with prices; everything is based on the MRP or best offer price.
  • We have the latest gadgets and accessories; We do not stock the stuff past its prime.
  • We do not often have any special offers to attract business. We provide the best prices in the market and provide 100% quality guarantees.
  • We promise to make sure that your experience with us is amazing!